Each day, our programs offer the following:

Practical life

This area aids the child in caring for their environment, peers and him/herself. It also allows for increased independence.


These enrichments help make abstract thoughts and ideas that are not explicable through simple words tangible and vivid with tactile materials involving the senses, such as length, width, size, weight, color and geometric shapes.


The materials for mathematics are composed of a variety of specifically designed developmental educational materials that assist in the foundation for math skills.

Language Arts 

The children learn basic phonetics through objects, sandpaper and other materials in the classroom in preparation for writing and reading.

Culture and Science

To gain knowledge and exposure to nature, history, zoology and science experiments. 

Outdoor Gardening and Outside Play

To inspire students to learn more about geography and botany and to understand sustainability.

Circle and Calendar

This allows the children to have a regular routine.  During this time we will discuss topics such as the sound of the week, show and tell, singing and open discussion. 


This is encouraged in the classroom, and we use "Sharing art with children in the Montessori way" by Julie Karlonas.

Spanish Enrichment

We are an emergent program therefor Spanish is used through out the day and is focused in all group circle. 

Music and Nature Enrichment

‚ÄčOnce a week we have a specialist teaching us about the different types of music around the world we also encourage music when we are outside as instrument are also used daily