Kevin was born and raised in Kirkland, Washington and he's been playing and performing music since age 10. As a trumpet player, Kevin has had the opportunity to perform in a wide variety of settings and musical genres. He's performed in jazz ensembles; orchestras; blues, r&b, country, and soul bands; musical theatre; brass ensembles; and even improvised musical soundscapes at an artwalk (yup, that was a little strange.) He has also performed as a guitarist/singer/songwriter for many years. He studied piano at Shoreline Community College as part of their music program and has a strong understanding of music theory. His love for music and passion for education drive him to make connections with his students to further their own musical ambitions. He allows his students' musical interests to act as a conduit for learning the fundamentals of music which makes him a perfect fit for a Montessori environment. Louis Armstrong said, "what we play is life" and it's important enjoy what you do as an artist regardless of how refined your skills are. Kevin teaches early-learning music appreciation as well as individual beginning lessons on trumpet, guitar, and piano at Practical Montessori. Individual lessons are not included in your monthly tuition. 

Veronica Dutton, Lead Teacher, Director and Owner 

Tabitha Isolina Milian, Montessori Assistant

Edwin Dutton, Office Assistant Manager 

Veronica and Edwin met in Arizona in 2007 where they began their lives together. One of their many adventures was moving to Seattle together and starting Practical Montessori. 
He first received his Bachelors Degree in Psychology and began working as a Behavior Specialist in the greater Seattle area, serving children from ages 5 to 21 in both traditional and special needs classroom environments. When Edwin is not working behind the scenes at Practical Montessori, he works for local company credit card processing company.

Tabitha was born and raised in San Antonio,  Texas; her family are from Cuba, the Canary Islands, Spain, Holland, Armenia, and Morocco.  Her  experience is of living in different worlds, as part of the first generation born in the states from her  family. She  identify strongly as a Wombyn of Color with Indigenous roots, her  experiences have gifted her  with a strong sense of responsibility to contributing to the change within the way we treat and interact with ourselves, our community and the greater world.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to guide, support, and nourish the small growing spirit within each child so that they may develop into their own individual personality.


 Training and experience:

  • Spanish Montessori and assistant Montessori teacher at Wedgwood Montessori North
  • Lead Montessori teacher at Stepping Stone Montessori
  • NAEYC accredited lead teacher at Kids Co., Adams Elementary
  • Three years of lead summer school-age counselor
  • Six years (ongoing) training in child education
  • Emergency preparedness & fire safety
  • Cultural and individual diversity curriculum
  • Active Participant  in Early Achievers for Early childhood education
  • ​Member Of the Pacific Northwest Montessori Association ( PNMA) 
  • ​Adult/child/infant CPR,AED, and first aid, Blood borne Pathogens Training 
  • **Veronica is a also a state certified  provider and educator, who receives on going training and conferences quarterly, if you ever want to know more about other current certifications or resources, she is happy to help!




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Kate is a Seattle-native, but only recently moved back last year after a 5 year stint in Springfield, Ohio, for university and an AmeriCorps term. She holds a Bachelor's in Studio Art and Social Psychology, and has a particular passion for the study of equine assisted therapies, or the emotional effects that horses can have on humans. 
She spent the year after college working in community organizing around family health and wellness in the attendance zone of a marginalized public elementary school in Springfield, including building capacity for community-initiated and supported programming at the school. Since moving back she has worked in program administration for after school programs and teaches kid yoga and mindfulness privately. She also works as a birth doula, family photographer, and occasionally a part time nanny.... you may have seen her picking up some students at Practical Montessori. 
She so excited to have a role at Practical Monetessori and its community!

Kevin Slota, Music Teacher 

Kate Causbie, AssistantTeacher 

As an educator Tabitha is  passionate About Native and Indigenous rights, culture, and there/our story. This reflects in the curriculum she develop as well as an integral part of sharing my story. Tabitha has been assistant teaching and facilitating formally since 2011. Tabitha is a certified Montesssori assistant teacher but also use my many passions and experiences to enrich her personal teaching/facilitating style. 

You can find Tabitha in her  free time outside in the garden, swimming at the lake, hiking in the forest, reading, cooking, singing, drumming, talking about inequity, brainstorming how to live in a way that doesn't harm or take too much from our natural environment, volunteer facilitating at a home-school co-op, organizing community gatherings and educational workshops, helping parents prepare for the birth of their baby i.e. Doula work, and traveling internationally.  Basically what ever is closest to my heart is what guides my footsteps.

Veronica has been working with children for over ten years and teaching in a Montessori classroom since 2007. After moving with her husband to Seattle from Arizona, she completed her Montessori education through the United Montessori Association while furthering her studies in early childhood education and Family Studies. Veronica is fluent in Spanish and has taught that language, as well as coached families in the Northwest on how to express warmth and connect with their children. When she's not teaching children, you can find Veronica at a local coffee shop, with her dog or smelling rosemary on walks around the neighborhood. She also enjoys hiking, storytelling, yoga and learning about children through nature.